Dr. Phil. I Ketut Gunawan, M.A
Ilmu Pemerintahan
Jl. Muara Muntai Kampus Gunung Kelua Samarinda 75119
Ketut Gunawan has been a lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Mulawarman University. In the Faculty he teaches Political Development, Classical and Contemporary Political Theories, Methodology of Government, Research Methodology in Government, The Political Economy of Development, Electronic Government, and The Political Economy of Public Sector (undergraduate and post graduate studies).As lecturer in politics, he is familiar with political issues, conflicts (armed conflict, ethnic conflict, natural resource/environmental conflict), terrorism, human security, democratization, government policies and policy analysis, gender issues, etc.He has been involved in various research activities on military politics and democratization, armed and resource conflicts, terrorism in Southeast Asia, human security, central-local government relationships (power and financial relationships), gender issues, etc.Ketut Gunawan has extensive trainings from his M.A. and doctoral studies in Australia and Germany respectively, to professional development courses in Indonesia, Thailand, Sweden, Finland, Japan, the Philippines. He has a good command of English and a deep understanding of other cultures.